Wedding photos

We would love to meet you in person to be part of this wonderful event as friends and not just as service providers. The photos you will later hold in your hands should make you feel the day and the moments again, as if they just happened.

As a wedding photographer Munich we accompany you not only in my region in Bavaria, but worldwide. We love to travel! That's why we like to accompany you to your dream destination. No matter if you want to say "I do" under the palm trees of Mallorca or on a romantic mountain hut in Kufstein.

Moments that remain...

captured on beautiful photos or in a high quality album

As soon as you take the photos or the album out of the drawer again, it will feel as if it was yesterday that dad gave an emotional speech. Our goal is to capture those moments as lifelong memories.

There are many great locations where we have already immortalized your love on photos. Among them the alte Gärtnerei in Taufkirchen near Munich, La Villa in Starnberg, next to the famous lake and a lot more. We are also a lot around Tyrol, Austria, if you prefer to marry next or in the middle of the mountains. We support you in choosing the right location and show you some impressions of our weddings...

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